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Posted by on Oct 24, 2014 in News | 0 comments

Appalachian Road Trip, Coffee & a Food Hub in Louisville, & More! In the Weekly Miscellany

Appalachian Road Trip, Coffee & a Food Hub in Louisville, & More! In the Weekly Miscellany


Tonight: Lexington’s Crank & Boom has an Ice Cream Lounge Preview Night tonight, October 24, at Thai & Mighty. C&B opens their brick & mortar lounge in the spring. Read my review of Crank & Boom.

Jonathan Piercy asks (and answers), What if you only had one day to spend in Kentucky?

The new book Classic Kentucky Meals, by Rona Roberts, is available now for pre-order. It will be released on November 4. Meanwhile, Rona answers the question, “How Do Classic Kentucky Meals Happen?”

John T. Edge is asked “Is Southern Food America’s Most Important Cuisine?” (Pssst, Spoiler: Yes!) Kentuckians may be interested in what he considers the most representative Southern food.

Travel & Leisure ranks Louisville as the 9th best coffee city in America.

Louisville is creating a West Louisville Food Hub that is predicted to be a “green, job-creating machine.”

You can listen to Dan Wu’s Lexington based “Culinary Evangelist” WRFL radio show at PodBean.

Kentucky’s Henry Clay wants you to #SharetheLex in a hilarious video (and part of an award winning media campaign):

Melanie D.G. Kaplan takes “A Culinary Road Trip Through Appalachia”

In a stroke of genius, Kentucky Tourism thought a website highlighting Kentucky food would be a good idea. Read about it and visit From the article: “The state wants you to eat your way across Kentucky.” Huh. (Oh, it’s actually just a forwarding URL that kicks you to the regular Kentucky Tourism site. *sigh*) There is a feature of Chef Ouita Michel, and a recipe for her Midway School Bakery Sorghum Cookies.

All Oreos should look like this.

For your Halloween listening pleasure, the great Sara Watkins sings ‘The Werewolf’

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