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Posted by on Nov 24, 2014 in Central Kentucky, KY Donut Trail | 5 comments

Bardstown: Have a Yum Yum at Hadorn’s Bakery

Bardstown: Have a Yum Yum at Hadorn’s Bakery


The local bakery and donut shop has been an endangered species facing tough competition from the ubiquity and competition of national chains and grocery store bakeries. And although the independent shop’s prospects are better now than in the recent past, many bakeries have been forced to shutter.

Holding on since 1935, and by all appearances, thriving, is Bardstown’s Hadorn’s Bakery. The location, building, and fantastic retro signage lets you know that Hadorn’s has been delivering the donuts for a long time.

Hadorn's Bakery

Hadorn's door

Although just a block away from the historic main street—and not too far away from the famous My Old Kentucky Home—Hadorn’s is tucked away from most casual visitor traffic. You would either find it by accident or already know it was there. Reading this ends your excuse for not knowing Hadorn’s.

Hadorn’s offers the standards one will find in any donut shop worth its glaze, but they specialize in a local favorite, the Yum Yum. The Yum Yum is a twisted long john with caramel and chocolate. I would advise having coffee handy to combat the sugar rush that pulls you in. 

Yum Yum tray

Hadorn's Yum Yum

Arriving mid-morning, I was informed that I was lucky the weather was uninviting because usually the Yum Yums would have sold out by the time I got there. Once you eat one, and you should eat one, you’ll understand why the Yum Yum is a consistent sell out.

Hadorn’s doesn’t just leave the yum to the Yum Yum, however. The standard dozen offers plenty of yeasty glazed goodness. Of course, I took a box to go, well, everything is to go because there’s nowhere to sit.

Next time you find yourself in Bardstown rush over to Hadorn’s and try to catch a Yum Yum before they’re all gone.

Hadorn’s Bakery
118 1/2 W Flaget Street
Bardstown, Kentucky
Tuesday – Sunday: 7 AM – 1 PM
Closed Monday

Hadorn's dozen

Hadorn's baker




  1. You should also try the cinnamon twists and the pretzel donuts! =D

    And get a dozen donut holes to go.

    • Nicole, I’ll make sure to with my next order!

  2. My mom worked their for some time and I even help do a massive cleaning once. Almost always stopped there on my way to school. My favorite was the Eclairs.

    • Dave, very cool. I don’t think you’ll go wrong with whatever you get at Hadorn’s.

  3. I remember as a kid they had a bakery on 18th street. North of Algonquin. Best ever.

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