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Posted by on Jun 19, 2015 in News | 2 comments

Clooney Likes Pie, Three Lees in Louisville, Pen to Plate, Eat Your Lambsquarters & More! in the Weekly Miscellany

Clooney Likes Pie, Three Lees in Louisville, Pen to Plate, Eat Your Lambsquarters & More! in the Weekly Miscellany


George Clooney and his wife Amal love Magee’s Bakery’s (Maysville) transparent pies. They stopped by for a dozen recently. The Lexington Herald-Leader made a nifty video about it:

Louisville Chef Ed Lee joins Charleston’s Lee Brothers for the Boiled Peanut Hour tonight, June 19, and tomorrow, June 20 at the Actor’s Theater of Louisville. Saveur interviewed the trio about Southern food: “What Southern regional cuisines seem to share—from Louisville to Jacksonville to Richmond to Charleston—is a ‘spirited resourcefulness,’ a desire to get the most from the ingredients you’ve got, to take every opportunity you have to enhance flavor and add dimension without giving a fig for what the neighbors might think.”

Feast BBQ’s Ryan Rogers has been named to Eater’s Young Guns Class of 2015.

Colonel Sanders, well, Darrell Hammond playing Colonel Sanders, can be the voice on your GPS.

Lexington’s Morris Book Shop is hosting a Pen to Plate Dinner Series featuring Lexington chefs and offered to only 16 diners at each meal. The first Pen to Plate Dinner is with Dan Wu on July 16.

Farms to Food Banks is looking for ‘ugly’ produce“It might be a zucchini that is fatter on one end than the other or a tomato that is smaller than standard grocery store packaging” said Angie Allman, Program Coordinator. “We help cover a farmer’s costs of harvesting, packaging and delivering to food banks produce that would otherwise go to waste in the field.”

Rona Roberts tells us to toss lambsquarters into the skillet, not the weed pile (plus a plug for tasty mulberries). Considering how adept I am at growing them, perhaps I should give them a try.

Ashlie Stevens checks out Kentucky burgoo in ‘You Never Forget the First Time You Have Booya or Brunswick Stew.

Sausage pizza at Lexington’s Joe Bologna’s:

Joe Bologna's pizza


  1. Thanks for including Savoring Kentucky in our favorite thing, the Weekly Miscellany.

    • Thank you for stopping by and for the very kind words!

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