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Posted by on Dec 2, 2014 in Barbecue, Central Kentucky | 2 comments

Frankfort: Rick’s White Light Diner Offers Local Dining With Character

Frankfort: Rick’s White Light Diner Offers Local Dining With Character


My friend Dave has urged me to visit Rick’s White Light Diner in Frankfort for awhile now, and on a recent Saturday he and I had the chance to try it for lunch. Rick’s is near Frankfort’s famous Singing Bridge, and has a perfect old school diner building. Signs adorn the front (“Ladies Invited”), but are only hint at the interior decor. Pictures, memorabilia, and signs (many uncensored) of all kinds adorn the walls. By all accounts Rick himself is one of the main attractions at the White Light Diner, but he wasn’t in during my visit so I had to focus on the food.

Rick's White Light Diner

Rick's counter

Rick’s touts its barbecue (a smoker sat beside the diner), hamburgers, and, particularly, its Cajun food. The wide range of Cajun options were tempting but not at all inexpensive, so I opted for the more budget friendly pulled pork sandwich, curious how the barbecue would stack up. I ordered fries, which weren’t on the menu that day, but my request was accommodated graciously. I also added a side of fried green tomatoes. 

The pulled pork sandwich was very good, moist, and the pork packing a nice smokey taste. With the barbecue billed as “Memphis Style” I was surprised to find much more of a Carolina style sauce. I have no complaints, though, as the sauce was flavorful and mildly spicy, a nice blend. It was probably better than a Memphis style sauce would have been. 

Rick's pulled pork

The fries provided were home-style, a pleasant surprise considering their off-menu status. Try them if you can get them. But I have my greatest praise for Rick’s fried green tomatoes. I don’t believe I’ve ever had better. Don’t visit and fail to order them.

Rick’s menu makes a strong point about food sourcing, emphasizing buying local when possible, and indicating that all the seafood is sourced domestically. Rick’s is offering a more gourmet menu than its diner vibe might suggest. The website points to owner Rick Paul’s Culinary Institute of America training, and it seems he’s put it to good use. My pulled pork sandwich and sides were such a success I would be a lot more confident in moving up Rick’s menu chain and trying his flagship Cajun options on the next visit.

For those who enjoy great casual local dining, Rick’s White Light Diner is a can’t miss option. Don’t hesitate to give Rick’s a try when you find yourself in Frankfort.

Rick’s White Light Diner
114 Bridge Street
Frankfort, Kentucky 40601
Tuesday-Friday 10 AM – 5 PM
Saturday 8 AM – 3 PM
Closed Sunday & Monday


Rick's pork closeup


  1. Man those fries look good, no freezer bag in sight. And thanks for the shoutout the other day. RL Reeves Jr

    • Rick’s fried green tomatoes were some of the best I’ve ever had. And you’re more than welcome, great review of the Root Beer Stand.

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