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Posted by on Apr 4, 2016 in News | 2 comments

Frisch’s New Primetime Burgers: Playing With the Big Boys

Frisch’s New Primetime Burgers: Playing With the Big Boys


The Frisch’s restaurant name goes back over a hundred years in the Cincinnati area. After teaming with the now legendary Big Boy name after World War 2, Frisch’s Big Boy has been a comfort food choice in Kentucky, Ohio, and Indiana for generations. You would be hard pressed to find someone who grew up in the tri-state who hasn’t eaten a Big Boy burger.

Big Boy

But we all know the burger market has been on fire in recent years with more deluxe offerings often leaving the traditional diner burgers behind. Frisch’s is answering that new competition with a line of Primetime Burgers to be unveiled in its Frisch’s Big Boy restaurants on April 6. I was invited to a preview last week in Covington so I could taste the goods.

There are three new Primetime Burgers, and each is the brainchild of Frisch’s Chef Greg Grisanti of the famous Louisville restaurant family. Chef Grisanti is clearly proud of his new creations. The new brioche buns were designed by Grisanti in conjunction with Klosterman Baking Company and he paired them with fresh burger Frisch’s grinds itself along with high quality real cheeses.

Frisch's Primetime Classic

Frisch’s Primetime Classic

The result are three burgers that, frankly, you probably wouldn’t expect at a Frisch’s. The new lineup has three variations: the Classic, the BLT, and the Mushroom Swiss. The burgers are rich and juicy–you’ll want to ask for extra napkins. No surprise, quality ingredients make a difference.

My personal favorite was the BLT because, well, bacon. The bacon is thick and flavorful. I was impressed and I would be more than happy to have another.

Frisch's BLT Primetime Burger

Frisch’s BLT Primetime Burger

Grisanti assured me that the classic Big Boy burger wasn’t going anywhere, but that the new Primetime Burgers offer another option for those who want a higher quality burger. And at around $6 each, you can order a Primetime burger while keeping your Frisch’s trip family budget friendly.

Frisch's Mushroom Swiss Primetime Burger

Frisch’s Mushroom Swiss Primetime Burger

I grew up with Frisch’s Big Boy, and it’s encouraging to see that the Cincinnati based chain is dedicated to keeping up with the times while not abandoning their traditional clientele. With the new Primetime Burgers I suspect Frisch’s will be bringing some people back through the doors.

(Frisch’s new Primetime Burgers debut on April 6, 2016.)

[This post is sponsored by Frisch’s Big Boy.]

Frisch's Brioche Bun (photo by Bryce Anslinger)

Frisch’s Brioche Bun (photo by Bryce Anslinger)

Frisch's Primetime Burgers (promotional photo)

Frisch’s Primetime Burgers (promotional photo)



  1. YUM!!!! I saw an onion ring. Do they make their own? Or are they frozen ones they just pop in a fryer? Because I’m thinking fresh ones would be a great side for one of those burgers….

    • They do make their own and are very good.

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