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Posted by on Jun 5, 2015 in KY Donut Trail, News | 0 comments

It’s Mostly About Donuts (and More!) in the Weekly Miscellany

It’s Mostly About Donuts (and More!) in the Weekly Miscellany

It’s National Donut Day!

(But I bet you knew that.)

Everthing you needed to know about the donut from Eater

Don’t forget to read about The Kentucky Doughnut Trail from The New York Times

North Lime Lex (both locations) is offering $.50 glazed till gone ($6 dozen) and $1 off gluten free (chocolate, glazed) and peach cobbler

Doughdaddy’s in Versailles is offering a free glazed original today

Her Kentucky ranks her 5 best Kentucky donuts. Not a bad list at all.

Mindy Rohr at The Love Lexington Blog likes a sprinkled North Lime Lex.

And I’ve talked a lot about donuts here at Eat Kentucky

I admit a soft spot for Doughdaddy’s…

Doughdaddy's glazed

Anne Marie Kirk writes about local ice creamery Crank & Boom and Building Community at the Pepper Campus at Savoring Kentucky. (read my review of Crank & Boom): “In addition to ice cream, Crank & Boom will feature a full-service espresso and chocolate bar. An outside patio offers seating for customers to enjoy the refreshing summer weather. The second floor provides a space for extra seating or party rental.”

Lexington has a whole new crop of restaurants, in fact.

Can We Engineer an American Chestnut Revival asks Rebecca Rupp at National Geographic: “By the 19th century, it was one of the most abundant trees in the eastern forests—one out of every four trees was a chestnut—and chestnuts provided homes and food for a host of wildlife, among them the long-gone passenger pigeon, once the most common bird in North America, with a thriving population five billion strong. According to some accounts, chestnuts once lay so thick on the ground that people scooped them up with shovels.”


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