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Posted by on Dec 9, 2015 in Central Kentucky, Lexington | 0 comments

Lexington: Ellos on Broadway Serves Up a Perfect Burrito

Lexington: Ellos on Broadway Serves Up a Perfect Burrito


There’s nothing more Eat Kentucky approved than a hard to access hole in the wall that serves up food you can’t wait to have again. On the corner of South Broadway and Maxwell you will find just that kind of place.

My wife and I had driven by the sandwich board sign for Ellos for some time, always saying, “We need to go there.”  We finally had a chance for lunch together not too long ago and thus made the pilgrimage to Ellos.

Ellos sign

As the sign indicates, parking is accessed from Maxwell, which of course is itself a one-way street. Once you have that figured out, Ellos really isn’t hard to get to. We weren’t sure what to expect on the inside, originally thinking we might eat-in. You probably won’t want to do that. There is a table in the corner, but Ellos is really a take-out spot.

The menu is handwritten on a board, another good sign for a restaurant. We asked for some guidance in ordering on our first visit, and ended up choosing pork burritos fixed “Wildcat Style,” that is, with everything. We added steak street tacos to round things out.

Ellos preparer

The food is prepared right in front of you in the open kitchen, and when it’s finished you realize just how heavy those burritos are. Really, they’re big enough to split if you’re not super hungry. Of course, you might be disappointed you didn’t get to eat the whole thing.

When we lived near Huntsville, Alabama there was a little local drive-through burrito joint that opened up near our home–Burritos To Go. They were our favorite, and we found an excuse to go every time we could. For us, we’ve finally found a place in Lexington that we enjoy like we did Burritos to Go. (BTG added goat cheese, which is the main difference, and I really want Ellos to get goat cheese.)

Ellos burrito

Ellos tacos

The burritos and tacos were both fantastic, of course: a perfectly made burrito that leaves you tremendously full yet longing for yet another bite. The ingredients are fresh, the flavorful meat blending nicely with the rice, beans, and sauce. The sauces are excellent. You’ll want to stock up.

Ellos keeps things simple while offering enough variety to keep you interested. But in simplicity there is great power. I simply can’t imagine anything there not being good.

This is universally good advice, forget the trendy–and constantly hand-wringing–burrito chains and get thee to Ellos. We need to keep them around.


Ellos on Broadway
406 S. Broadway
Lexington, Kentucky
Monday – Wednesday: 11 AM – 10 PM
Thursday – Saturday: 11 AM – 11 PM

Ellos menu

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