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Posted by on Jul 10, 2017 in Lexington | 0 comments

Lexington: Frisch’s Primetime BBQ Coleslaw Burger Is Ready for Burger Week

Lexington: Frisch’s Primetime BBQ Coleslaw Burger Is Ready for Burger Week

by Alan Cornett

It’s once again time for Lexington Burger Week, and this year’s lineup looks outstanding. It seems hard to go wrong. This year 46 different eateries are offering special burger choices for a flat price of $5. There’s even a Burger Week passport that allows you to enter for a special cookout or burgers for a year.

I was invited for a sneak peak of Frisch’s Burger Week offering, a variation of their Primetime Burger lineup. The Primetime Burger combines a hand formed patty with a Frisch’s exclusive Klosterman bun. For Burger Week, Lexington’s two Frisch’s locations are offering a burger with their own tangy BBQ sauce along with Frisch’s in-house slightly sweet coleslaw and red onions.

Frisch's Burger Week

Of course, this is a play on the Southern tradition of putting coleslaw on a pulled pork barbecue sandwich. Back in my Alabama days I would enjoy these at Decatur’s Big Bob Gibson Bar-B-Q. The Frisch’s coleslaw is finely chopped. Its sweetness combined with the tanginess of their BBQ sauce act as a counterpoint to the burger itself. It’s certainly a great combination for Lexington’s Burger Week.

Serving the burger in a paper wrap is a nice retro touch, that fits well with the traditional diner vibe at Frisch’s. Of course, you’ll want some fries, too.

Frisch's Burger Week closeup

As I was well into my burger, the fine Frisch’s folks insisted I try out their seasonal Strawberry Piebaby. The Piebaby is a single serving sized cold pie featuring summer fresh strawberries on a lard based crust and topped with cool whipped cream. They had me at “lard.” This is a really tasty pie and on the lard based crust…you might be pretty happy just eating that crust.

Strawberry Piebaby

I do appreciate that a chain, albeit a regional one, takes the time and shows the interest to participate in a local event like Lexington’s Burger Week. The Frisch’s Primetime BBQ Coleslaw Burger is only available at Lexington’s two Frisch’s locations on Harrodsburg Road and at Hamburg. Make sure to get your passport stamped–get ’em before they’re gone!

Oh, and ask for extra napkins on this one.

This post is sponsored by Frisch’s Big Boy.

Frisch’s Big Boy
1927 Harrodsburg Road
1849 Alysheba Way
Lexington, Kentucky
Monday – Thursday: 6 AM – 9 PM
Friday: 6 AM – 10 PM
Sunday: 7 AM – 9 PM

Frisch's Big Boy

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