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Posted by on May 21, 2015 in Central Kentucky, KY Donut Trail, Lexington | 2 comments

Lexington: Spalding’s Bakery Offers an Iconic Donut

Lexington: Spalding’s Bakery Offers an Iconic Donut


Kentucky is home to an enviable number of fine donut purveyors. Lexington and the Bluegrass are particular blessed with this donutty goodness. And no shop is more iconic than Lexington’s Spalding’s Bakery. In Eat Kentucky’s brief existence I get suggestions of what I should write about a lot. I can’t think of anywhere that has been brought up by more people than Spalding’s.

Spalding's front

Spalding glazed

For 70 years, Spalding’s was a mainstay of North Limestone and Sixth Street (now the home of North Lime Coffee & Donuts) before it moved to Winchester Road across from the JIF peanut butter plant. With a heritage going back over 85 years, you’ve got to be good at deep frying yeasty dough to stick around that long, and there’s no question that Spalding’s is doing things right.

I arrived mid-morning on a Friday, and even at that off-hour there was a consistent stream of customers buying everything from donuts to cakes. I ordered an “Original” glazed donut, which is sugary perfection. It has that “homemade” look and taste, with just a little bit of chew before it begins to melt in your mouth. My wife went for her usual chocolate glazed (confession time: I don’t really like chocolate donuts), which she enjoyed until its richness beat her into submission. 

Spalding's Line

Spalding's Gooey Butter Bars

Although the new(er) Spalding’s location is, indeed, new, they did a great job of capturing a vintage vibe. I don’t think I’ve been anywhere with friendlier and kinder service than I received at Spalding’s, and I had complete confidence that the older gentleman waiting on us knew everything there was to know about donuts.

There is no question that you haven’t done Lexington donuts until you’ve had Spalding’s donuts. I don’t believe you’ll find a better donut in Lexington.

Spalding’s Bakery
760 Winchester Road
Lexington, Kentucky
Wednesday-Saturday 6:30 AM – noon
Sunday 7 AM – noon
Closed Monday & Tuesday

 Spalding's counter


Spalding's bag


  1. The original location was across the street in the building that now houses Arcadium.

    • Yes.

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