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Posted by on Apr 2, 2015 in Barbecue, Central Kentucky, Lexington | 2 comments

Lexington: Windy Corner Market Is a Kentucky Po’boy Mecca

Lexington: Windy Corner Market Is a Kentucky Po’boy Mecca


Amidst the rolling horse farm country in north Fayette County is an outpost of Chef Ouita Michel’s Bluegrass food empire. Windy Corner Market was conceived as a traditional country store and restaurant, and although the building was newly built for Windy Corner Market on the site of an older community market, it looks like it could have been there for decades. With its setting on a seemingly lonely country junction, that’s exactly what Chef Ouita had in mind from the beginning.

My family was in the area on a recent snowy Sunday for lunch, and I thought the time was right for a stop at Windy Corner. The laudable thing about Chef Ouita’s restaurant approach is to give each location its own unique identity and menu. Windy Corner’s menu is built around the traditional Southern Po’boy sandwich. 

Windy Corner Market

Windy Corner silks

Windy Corner Market also embraces the “market” part of its name with shelf-lined walls offering all sorts of locally made Kentucky food: jams, candy, sauces, and mixes. The walls embrace its horse farm setting with colorful racing silks ringing the dining room.

Like Chef Ouita’s Wallace Station (read my review), you enter the front door at the counter where you walk by tempting baked goods from the Midway School Bakery as you figure out what to order. There are ten Po’boy options plus burgers and seafood baskets. 

Coming from church, our arrival pushed us just past the Sunday breakfast menu cut-off point, which disappointed some of the Eat Kentucky daughters I had in tow. Windy Corner keeps its breakfast menu active until noon on Sunday, but extending even to 1 PM for the post-church crowd would be great.

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Windy Corner Dining

I went for the Kentucky Boy—how could I possibly resist a combination of pulled pork, fried pickles, and beer cheese? The answer was, I could not. Mrs. Eat Kentucky opted for the Filly Cheese Po-Gal. We both jumped on the red-skin potato salad. 

Again, like at Wallace Station, the wait for the food tends to be a little longer, but the restaurant was hopping, and your food is freshly made. The littlest Eat Kentucky daughter had a minor issue with her kid’s mini-burger order, but it was dealt with promptly and courteously. 

It was virtually impossible for me not to like my Kentucky Boy with the pulled pork, fried pickles, and beer cheese. Throw in the bourbon barbecue sauce, and it’s a sandwich that you’re sorry comes to an end. 

Windy Corner - Kentucky Boy

Windy Corner - Filly Cheese

The Po’boys are generously sub-sized, and are perfect for sharing. Of our two sandwiches, we found my Kentucky Boy the stronger of the two sandwiches, but the variety of Windy Hill’s options means you will find something perfect for you. Fresh brioche rolls and fresh ingredients are the hallmark of everything Windy Hill serves.

Central Kentucky is indeed blessed to have Chef Ouita’s sensitivity to place in both her restaurant themes and menu offerings. Like Wallace Station, Windy Corner draws you out from the busy-ness of the city into the rural setting that makes Central Kentucky unique. And at the end of the lovely drive Windy Corner will be glad to serve you up tasty Kentucky food.

Windy Corner Market & Restaurant
4595 Bryan Station Road
Lexington, Kentucky
Monday – Thursday 7 AM – 8:30 PM
Saturday – Sunday 9 AM – 8:30 PM

Windy Corner horse



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