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Posted by on Aug 18, 2015 in Eastern Kentucky, KY Donut Trail | 2 comments

London: King Donuts Puts Eastern Kentucky On the Donut Trail

London: King Donuts Puts Eastern Kentucky On the Donut Trail


Much has been made, justifiably, of Kentucky’s Donut Trail. The focus has largely been on the Bluegrass and around Louisville. But in reality the Donut Trail is a winding trail that offers welcome twists and turns, roads less traveled.

My latest such stop was at London’s King Donuts, located in a shopping center on South Main near the 192 bypass (across from Sonic and beside Papa John’s Pizza). Business was brisk on the Saturday morning I pulled in to pick up a box of dozen. Service was matter of fact, but not brusque, bordering on friendly.

King Donut front

King box o' donuts

King offers a wide selection of everything from standard donuts to cinnamon buns and bear claws. I always love a good cake donut, and King’s version more than passed muster.

But I always maintain a donut shop’s merit is judged by the quality of their standard glazed yeast donut. King passes that test with flying colors. It’s similar to a Krispy Kreme with perhaps a little more substance, not quite as melt-in-your-mouth. That’s not a criticism. King’s glazed holds its own with its Bluegrass donut brethren. My in-house chocolate donut experts (ie, Mrs Eat Kentucky and the Eat Kentucky-ettes) enthusiastically offered their own endorsements for King’s standard chocolate.

King box o' donuts part deux

King Donuts bearclaw

My knock on them during the stop had nothing to do with their donuts, but rather their coffee. I ordered a cup to go, but inexplicably they had purchased the wrong lids for their to-go cups, which would have meant an open container of hot coffee while driving in the car. I decided to pass on that suicide mission.

But that supply quibble aside, it’s the donuts you really want at King, which has made itself a worthy member of the flourishing Kentucky Donut Trail. The donuts are fresh, the selection varied, and the quality high.

London is a bit of an Eastern Kentucky gateway, and King Donut is a worthwhile stop for sugary goodness for those who find themselves passing through. (There is also a Manchester branch of King Donut.)

King Donuts
1527 S Main Street
London, Kentucky

King donut counter


  1. I haven’t been in awhile but Sugar Shack over in Somerset used to put out one of the finest Coconut donuts on the planet. RL Reeves Jr

    • I haven’t made it there yet, but it’s on the list. I know it’s thought highly of.

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