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Posted by on Jan 20, 2015 in Barbecue, Western Kentucky | 3 comments

Mayfield: Is Larry, Darrell & Darrell BBQ a Dream Come True?

Mayfield: Is Larry, Darrell & Darrell BBQ a Dream Come True?


We know two things about the owner of Mayfield restaurant Larry, Darrell & Darrell BBQ: he likes smoked pig and Bob Newhart. No one can fault any man for either choice.

Signs were certainly good for Larry, Darrell & Darrell’s. Both wood and smoke were openly visible around back. Inside the store stood a large display of championship trophies. Check and check.

LDD storefront

LDD trophies

LD&D’s modern standalone building sets in the parking lot of a strip mall near downtown. It’s spacious and well-kept. I arrived past the lunch rush, but there were still other customers. A single waitress manned the shop, and was friendly and attentive.

I opted for the daily special of pulled pork sandwich with fries and drink. LD&D’s pork was very good, moist with a nice smoky flavor. I can see how they picked up those trophies.

The sandwich came wrapped in a foil bag, and texture of the bun indicates they were likely done up in batches for the daily special. That was probably fine during the lunch hour, but while still good, the bun wasn’t as fresh as it could have been with more individual attention.

LDD pork

LDD sauce

LD&D’s sauce is also good, particularly the hot version of the sauce. That’s really almost always the case with house barbecue sauces. You’re simply going to get a lot more flavor punch when you opt for the “hot” version, which usually isn’t really hot at all. The LD&D sauce is somewhat thinner than the Memphis sauces due south, but not Alabama thin.

For Larry, Darrell & Darrell BBQ they get the most important thing right: the smoked pork. More attention paid to fresh preparation, probably not as much of an issue during peak hours, and higher quality sides would pay big dividends for them and the customer.

But still, the meat and sauce make Larry, Darrell & Darrell BBQ worth your time when you’re swinging though Mayfield. Unless you wake up and it’s all just been a dream.

Larry, Darrell & Darrell BBQ
1106 Cuba Road
Mayfield, Kentucky

LDD pit


  1. Western KY has a gem in a town called Princeton. You should visit Nancy and her family of workers at Newsoms Country Hams. Been their for years and ships her hams and products all over the states. By far my favorite is the “preacher ham”! Hope you stop by and visit along your eating through KY travels.

    • Misty, I have heard a lot about Newsom’s and Nancy. I would love to visit the store and hope I can sometime. Thanks for stopping by Eat Kentucky!

  2. Nancy “The Ham Lady” Newsom, is possibly the best source of smoked/cured meats not just in KY, but possibly the country… after all, she is the only American to have a ham awarded and displayed by the World Congress of Ham in Spain. Her products have been featured in several of the top food magazines, and is also the exclusive ham provider to numerous award wining and celebrity chefs (her first celebrity chef was James Beard, whom if you cook, you know…).

    She is so friendly! When get the rare opportunity to visit Newsom’s, I plan to spend a good hour just chatting with her.

    The single most important advice I can offer to anyone looking to try Newsom’s, is to get the proccuito… It is simply the best proccuito you will find in the country.

    ON a side note, I saw that Newsom’s just celebrated their 100th anniversary!!

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