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Posted by on Sep 9, 2015 in Central Kentucky, KY Donut Trail | 0 comments

Midway: Passport to OuitaWorld Stamped at the Midway School Bakery

Midway: Passport to OuitaWorld Stamped at the Midway School Bakery


Chef Ouita Michel issued a challenge–i.e., a great marketing promo–to kick off the fall: visit each of her five Bluegrass area restaurants by September 19 and earn a ticket to a celebration at West Sixth Brewery, a t-shirt, and a chance to win a dinner at Michel’s flagship Holly Hill Inn.

I made at least a start on the passport last week with a stop at the Midway School Bakery. I’ve written on the Midway School Bakery before. The bakery supplies Michel’s other restaurants with their baked goods, but also offers its own sandwiches and donuts, both of which I was eager to try.

Hang a right to get to Midway

Hang a right to get to Midway

A quick detour to Midway on the way to an appointment in Lawrenceburg was in order. The bakery was a bustle. Early in the day, the bakery staff was hard at work preparing breads, pies, and cookies, the very site of which could inspire a gluten induced coma.

I ordered the Bluegrass Bagel sandwich and–because I’m dedicated to reporting back to you–a yeast donut and a cake donut to try. I sat down with my stash in the sun washed seats along the back window.

Bluegrass Sandwich

The Bluegrass Bagel has country ham, cream cheese, and homemade apple butter. It’s not a combination that would have occurred to me, but that’s why I eat at restaurants rather than run one because it’s a beautiful taste combination. The ham and apple butter offer a tasty salty-sweet interplay with the cream cheese in its natural home on a bagel adding welcome creaminess. The bagel is not heavy (kind of like a croissant bagel), but it is chewy. I think I might try it lightly toasted next time.

Midway School Bakery Donuts

Midway School Bakery Donuts detail

The Midway School Bakery also turns out to be something of a secret stop on the Kentucky Donut Trail. Their donut offerings are limited to basic glazed and chocolate glazed yeast and cake donuts with a rotating speciality donut of the day.

The glazed yeast is not a melt-in-your-mouth confection. It has chew like a North Lime donut, but not nearly as dense. It’s something of a cross between a North Lime donut and a Spalding. The cake donut–and I’m a big fan of cake donuts–was also excellent, and was really my favorite of the two.

My first stop on the OuitaWorld tour was duly commemorated with a stamp on my new passport card. Will I make it to all the stops in the next ten days? I don’t know, but it will be fun to try.

Midway School Bakery
510 South Winter Street
Midway, Kentucky
Monday – Friday 7 AM – 4 PM
Saturday 8 AM – 4 PM
Sunday 8 AM – 2 PM

Passport First Stamp

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