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Posted by on Nov 20, 2014 in Eastern Kentucky | 0 comments

Owingsville: KC Candy Knows Pulled Cream Candy

Owingsville: KC Candy Knows Pulled Cream Candy


There’s nothing in the world I would rather eat than Kentucky pulled cream candy. Nothing. Nada.

I’ve also discovered it’s pretty much an exclusively Kentucky food. Whenever I mention it to non-Kentuckians I get puzzled looks. Then I try to explain it, and, well, it’s hard to describe.

Like many of you, I grew up eating cream candy. Come Christmastime a bag would usually show up at the house. Some members of the household may or may not have been guilty of hoarding/hiding it.

KC Cream Candy

KC cream candy 2

Holiday time, with the necessary cold weather to get those marble slabs cold, is the time for cream candy. It’s best sourced from your neighbor, or somebody across town who makes it. Or make it yourself, of course.

But you also start seeing little tubs of cream candy at Kentucky drug store and gas station cash registers this time of year. In the past I’ve succumbed to the temptation and bought one of these tubs. And I’m invariably saddened by the result. Neither taste nor texture is right. I have a tub of disappointment, taunting me by looking kind of like something I love. 

I’m not sure what these well-known Kentucky commercial candy kitchens get wrong when they usually get so much else right (I mean, bourbon balls!). But something about adjusting the recipe or process for mass production of cream candy makes the end result fall flat.

That’s where Owingsville’s KC Candy comes in. I came across the Jacksons at a booth handing out samples awhile back. Always hopeful, I tried the miniature piece of cream candy they offered. I expected the worst, or rather, the usual. But this was different. This was Right. And I told them so and bought a tub. And it was all Right.

KC cream piece

The creamy taste, the texture, the way it breaks, the melting goodness in your mouth. I had found it at last!

What’s the secret? I suspect it’s made in small batches, and sold directly rather than tweaked for shipping and setting on store shelves. 

KC Candy keeps a fairly low profile. I can’t find a website, but according to the Kentucky Department of Agriculture website you can find their products at Town & Country Exxon Convenient Store in Owingsville. Or you could probably just give them a call.

Some things just can’t go big, and that’s just fine.

KC Candy
PO Box 1026
8408 Stulltown Rd
Owingsville, KY 40360
(606) 674-2359 / (606) 782-2231

KC cream candy broken


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