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Posted by on Oct 2, 2014 in News | 0 comments

PBS’s ‘The Mind of a Chef’ Features Louisville & Kentucky

PBS’s ‘The Mind of a Chef’ Features Louisville & Kentucky


The Mind of a Chef, the Anthony Bourdain produced PBS food show, is early into its third season. Each season features different chefs, and this season the first half of the season is led by Brooklyn native, and now Louisville based Chef Edward Lee. He cooks at Louisville restaurant 610 Magnolia.

Mind of a Chef - Edward Lee

Under Lee’s direction, The Mind of a Chef will focus on Kentucky cuisine in three separate episodes. The first, which is airing this week, specifically looks at Louisville.

It’s one of those shows that really does require you to “check your local listings.” Kentucky PBS affiliate KET will air the Louisville episode on Friday, October 3, at midnight, which really means it runs tonight–Thursday. There is another airing on Saturday morning on KETKY at 10:30 AM (see the schedule).

Watch the Louisville episode preview:

Next week, Lee expands beyond Louisville’s city limits to the rest of the Commonwealth with an episode on Kentucky. He will particularly focus on “country ham, sorghum and smoke.”

Watch the Kentucky episode preview:

A future episode with Lee will feature Kentucky’s signature beverage, Bourbon.

The Mind of a Chef is Bourdain’s answer to what he has seen as the degradation, the crassness, of most food television. The hosts are real working chefs who are thoughtful about local foodways. There are a investigations into the sources of ingredients, and the show involves actual cooking. While none of this sounds radical, in the world of superficial food TV, The Mind of a Chef is smart, substantive, and interesting.

Mind of a Chef Kentucky

The first two seasons are available to stream on Netflix, and I would encourage you to take a look, particularly at the Season 2 episodes featuring West Virginia native, and now Charleston Chef Sean Brock.

Kentucky food is special, and it’s nice to see The Mind of a Chef give it the attention it deserves. Set your DVRs–we don’t want to miss this.

Mind of a Chef

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