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Posted by on Mar 5, 2015 in Central Kentucky, Eastern Kentucky | 0 comments

Richmond: Purdy’s Coffee Company Offers Far More Than a Cuppa

Richmond: Purdy’s Coffee Company Offers Far More Than a Cuppa


In one of the most eye catching downtown businesses you’ll run across, Purdy’s Coffee Company has set up shop in Richmond’s revitalized historic core. Purdy’s has simply done a beautiful job with their historic space on Main Street. The painted “Purdy’s” sign with old style lights all on beautiful Victorian era red brick invites you in. Purdy’s is historical restoration done well: respect for the historical integrity of the building while adapting it to a contemporary use.

Purdy's front

Needing lunch on a recent snowy day, my friend Dave and I dropped in for one of Purdy’s advertised artisanal sandwiches. The Pollo Purdy was recommended by the barista as their most popular choice. I was sold, and added soup and potato salad on the side. 

We took a seat, and while waiting for my food to arrive I surveyed the restored interior, which is as well done as the exterior. In a respectful nod to the former occupants of the building over the decades, Purdy’s prominently displays old signage on the walls, transforming them into lovely objets d’art. Through their tasteful renovation, Purdy’s has embedded itself into the fabric of Richmond’s downtown.

Purdy's Beauty Shop sign

Purdy's counter

Purdy’s is a comfortable coffee shop environment with couches for relaxing, tables for eating and and space for setting up work areas. They’ve done an admirable job appealing to both downtown traffic and EKU students. 

My food arrived quickly, and I could see why the Pollo Purdy was so popular. The sandwich was pressed panini style, and the potato salad and soup rounded out a satisfying lunch. Everything tasted great, comforting warmth on a snowy day.

Purdy's lunch

Purdy's sandwich

Since I was having lunch, I didn’t get a cup of Purdy’s coffee while I was there, but I did leave with half a pound of their house blend of beans. I’ve been running them through my Baratza grinder at home, and enjoying its balanced taste. If I can make a good cup with it, I’m sure Purdy’s can do far better.

Purdy’s really is a gift to the people of Richmond, the sort of place you can congregate, read, study, work, or simply enjoy a relaxing quick meal. A good local coffee shop is a valuable thing for a community, and something that should be valued and utilized so it doesn’t go away. 

Purdy’s Coffee Company
201 W. Main Street
Richmond, Kentucky
Monday – Wednesday: 7 AM – 8 PM
Thursday: 7 AM – 9 PM
Friday – Saturday: 7 AM – 7 PM

Purdy's United Dept sign

Purdy's sidewalk

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